Sledding Down a Slippery Slope, 2022, Mixed Media, 8 feet x 44 inches

Sledding Down a Slippery Slope uses immediately recognizable images and evocative metaphors to bring home the reality of the threats posed by commercial exploitation of vital ecosystems. A child’s sled provides a reminder of carefree childhood pleasures that will be lost in a warming world. It also references the iconic survival story of Joseph Beuys who was rescued by Tartars when his plane was shot down in Crimea in 1943. The survival metaphor takes another form in the hanging checkerboard. Its squares have been painted to create an X that portrays the metamorphosis of soybeans into the storm clouds that are engulfing our warming world. The language of games here is of course ironic, a point made by the gym rings from which the board is suspended. Recalling the rings from which circus acrobats hang, they serve as a reminder that all life, human and non-human, hangs in the balance. 
– art critic, Eleanor Heartney

What the…Gap? 56 x 56 inches, digital media on Dura-Lar, 2021.

The UN Environment Emissions Gap Report, 2019, compares world greenhouse gas emissions now and where they need to be to prevent catastrophic global warming. This artwork documents that 12 national and international news companies printed the report. The Fox News Network failed to report this news. Does anyone still think that Fox News is a news entity?

Hush my Kush, c. 2019, 66 x 66 inches, mixed media

The artwork, Hush my Kush, referring to the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment asks the question – why is the potential loss of drinking water for one billion people in Asia, not considered newsworthy by the American press? The science of this climate emergency is being silenced. Why?